Tile & Grout Cleaning In Tracy, CA

Our Grout Cleaning Process


Tile & Grout Cleaning In Tracy

We Clean Like Our Life Depends On It!

I'm proud to say we clean your tile & grout like know one else. Many cleaners will pre-spray your grout lines and steam clean using the machine you see in the picture above. We believe steam cleaning without thorough agitation is not good enough. This is why here At Armstrong, our process is based on agitation which thoroughly scrubs the grout lines before we steam clean. We scrub using our mechanical Counter Rotating Brush as seen in the video, followed by using a manual brush to make sure we missed no area and also to reach the edges that our C.R.B., machine could not reach. By the time we finish your tile will be extremely clean.

Sealing The Grout Lines

It is also important that we seal your grouts after the cleaning. Sealing your grout lines will insure that your tiles will stay clean longer, and will respond to our cleaning when next they are professionally cleaned again.