Hardwood Floor Cleaning In Tracy, CA

Cleaning Hardwood Floors in Mountain House & Tracy

Hardwood flooring looks great. But if it is not properly maintained it can look really dull, worn out and unattractive. Most of these hardwood floors that need care does not need to be sanded as they may just need a good clean. Here at Armstrong, We 'll give your hardwood floor a good cleaning, by scrubbing either with our rotary machine or the dragon on the photo. After your floor is clean and we have removed all the finishing from the last cleaning, we can refinish the floor for you making it look clean and glossy.

Gloss Re-Finisher

After Cleaning we can rejuvenate your hardwood floor by applying a durable Urethane Coating to revitalize the dull looks of your hardwood floor. It will look nice and shiny.