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If you are not using Armstrong Cleaning for your Water Damage Emergencies, carpet, Wood Floor, Tile & Grout cleaning you're missing out greatly. We are simply the best. Find out for yourself by taking advantage of our free carpet cleaning offer. Your dirtiest carpet, 100Sq.ft., or less, we clean for free and you have nothing to lose. 

We also  have a great Water Damage Contingency Program for you. 

For over 20 years, Facilities, Apartments, and other property managers have greatly valued our Emergency Water Damage Contingency Program. 

What is in our program; 

1) We customize an emergency water damage contingency program just for you. As a property manager, it is inevitable that one of your properties will suffer from a water damage loss. Whenever this happens, would you not be comfortable knowing you have a plan in place with a number to call?


2) With an experienced project manager available 24/7, answering and screening all emergency calls that comes in late at night and responding accordingly based upon our agreement on services to provide, you are assured that your tenants and residents are covered. 

3) Regardless of the time we will respond to any water damage emergency as agreed and provide you a full report in the morning, or as specified in our contract. 

For more information please fill out our contact form or give us a call at 209-879-9553

See How Much Money Our Members Are Saving. 

4) If you are already using our carpet or any floor care cleaning service, and you have cleaned your floor with us within the past 12 months, then you are a member of our CARE program automatically. One of the Benefits of our CARE program is your deductible refund. We'll refund up to $1000.00 if you have to file a claim for an emergency water damage lose. We do this to compensate for your deductible as a benefit of being a member of our care program. 

5) For loses under $5000, you do not have to file a claim as we give you up to 50% discount on the emergency mitigation services. See the image below of how much money we help our members save.

Free Carpet Cleaning Offer

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